Tara Putra
Tara Putra @ Digital Forest Festival (CZ)

How It All Began

The project began as a three-member Psytrance live act, launching in the mid-'90s, and performing at various German Goa/Psytrance parties and open-air events. Their first single, titled "Dua Orang," was released in 2001, marking the beginning of several releases on different compilation albums. In 2005, Spiritual Beings Records released the album "Groom Mountains," primarily produced by Marcus. This album mainly featured Psytrance, but it also introduced Tara Putra's first foray into Ambient, Chillout, and Dub tracks. The EP "Hidden Sense" emerged in 2010, showcasing the project's evolving direction towards Psybient and Psydub, creating spacious and psychedelic atmospheres within a dubby ambience.