V.A. - The Moonbeats

V.A. - The Moonbeats

Genre: Psychill - Dub - Downtempo

Release Date: 09.12.2014







01. Squazoid - Wild City

02. JP Illusion - One Step Closer

03. MAIIA project - Autumn Hope (Squarking Jazz Remix)

04. SyBins - Quad Monks

05. Sérgio Walgood - Distant Dimentions

06. Tara Putra - Extrasolar Dub

07. False Identity - The Vagrants Traipse

08. Kala Hari - Aya Dub

09. Balancé - Fisgas

10. Perpetual Loop - Standing At The Mouths Of Men


Ovnimooon Records is proud to present this amazing downtepmo dub, psychill and breaks compilation called The Moonbeats compiled by our friend and label artist Maiia from Moscow, Russia. Using her extensive skills of storytelling through music she has collected these stunning 10 tracks into an epic journey around the planet with music by amazing new fresh faces as well as already well known artists in the genre today. Just sit back and let the music be a guide for your astral projection flight to the moon and beyond.


Compiled by Maiia

Released by Ovnimoon Records

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