V.A. - Space Forming

V.A. - Space Forming

Genre: Psychill - Psydub

Release Date: 04.07.2010







01. Algesis - Praying Mantis

02. Zi - Blue Home

03. Den Wave - Sweet

04. Simon G - Night Shore Walk

05. Globular - Paranormaloid

06. MentalImage - Running, Forgetting...

07. Wrong Mantra - Hemp Street 303 (Winter edit)

08. GoaMech - Egyptian DendroToxiDrone

09. Wylhelm - Trip Complete

10. Tara Putra - Mashala Dub

11. Sport & Music - 7 01


Gliese 581C proudly presents "Space Forming" - cosmic psychill & psydub compilation, tripping you through the endless space. You know it's always moving and morphing into amazing endless variations and we are taking part here too being creations of this mysterious "game"...




The Russian netlabel Gliese 581C is proud to present Space Forming, a full-length journey into the far reaches of cosmic chill and psychedelic dub. Embark upon a voyage into the depths of endless space where sound waves are always morphing into new patterns and configurations. Featuring the talent of acts like Tara Putra, Globular, Wrong Mantra, GoaMech, and many others.


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