V.A. - Space Forming Vol. 2

V.A. - Space Forming Vol. 2

Genre: Psychill - Psydub

Release Date: 30.12.2010







01. Disia - ...I Still Don`t Know Who I Am

02. Den Wave - Earth

03. Hello Mellow - A Passage In Time

04. Tara Putra - Error In Babylon

05. Globular - Squabbling Gods

06. Unusual Cosmic Process - Mission X

07. Divided Harmonics - Exorcism (Wrong Mantra remix)

08. Wylhelm - Bem Sol

09. In Orbit - On A Train To East Malwern

10. Hyperwind - OneFreeMan

11. Sport & Music - Pazzle (Original mix)


The great journey continues. After discovering outer space, we are finding ourselfs as a small piece of fractal. We have higher destinations, but level's laws fractalising us with various egregors - it's the way we learn, the way for everyone to find themself. Our thoughts forming reality around us, but can our eyes see all the truth?..




The great journey that began with Space Forming continues in Space Forming Vol. 2, the latest downtempo and ambient compilation from Russian netlabel Gliese 581C. Prepare for smooth sailing into outer space with chilled beats, dubby bass lines, and enchanting soundscapes. “Our thoughts form reality around us, but can eyes see all the truth?”


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