V.A. - Other Tempos

V.A. - Other Tempos

Genre: Ambient - Psybient - PsyDub - PsyBass - Glitch

Release Date: 06.09.2017







01. Aureohm - Inner Self

02. Ishdub vs Tor.ma in Dub – Purple Mood

03. Psy–Mr. featuring Naan – Welcome To Asgard

04. Tor.ma in Dub vs Ishdub – Another Day

05. IooN Cosmic Downtempo - Entheogenikush

06. Tuatara – Pure Love

07. Tiawanaku & Kris Berle – Vakratunda Mahakaya (Macaw Remix)

08. HuuHaa – Skeptic Atlas

09. By The Rain – Distance

10. Tara Putra – Shroomophant


Compiled by Purple Hexagon Records label manager DJ Kikx, Other Tempos is a collection of 10 tracks featuring some of the most creative underground artists from around the world. Expect an exploration across downtempo and psy dub sounds celebrating the universal language of music and designed to make listeners travel in space and time.

Enjoy this free release and celebrate music in all its tempos!!!


Mastered By Maxim Makus Kurushyn @ Overdream Studio, Ukraine

Artwork by Chris von Kehrwieder



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