V.A. - Midnight Storm

V.A. - Midnight Storm

Genre: Psytrance - Ambient

Release Date: 19.12.2014







1. Tara Putra - Plug'n Buzz

2. Astronom - Green Smile Wonderland

3. Hypereggs - Guitarra

4. Hashashin - Robot Flesh

5. Haraburda - Psy a Laska

6. Transdriver - Lift

7. Chors - Cipactli

8. Mutant Star - Abracadabra

9. Ambientium - Liquid Ride


After one year label manager and DJ Ondrej Psyla returns with a new compilation,

"Midnight Storm", the fifth from his label Mystical Waves Records.

Ondrej carefully selected each track over the last eight months and now it is time to share the results with fans of psytrance culture. You can look forward to two downtempo tracks and seven dance floor bangers ranging across the darker end of the full-on spectrum.


The cover was created by Alienjedna from cybernetic-system.com and mastering was made in ORM studio by Dj Schwa.


Released by Mystical Waves Records


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