V.A. - Inner Holographic Reality

V.A. - Inner Holographic Reality

Genre: Downtempo - Psybient - Psy Dub - Psy Bass

Release Date: 17.02.2017







01. Cord & Frankie Látó - Lullaby

02. Yechidah - Holographic Nature

03. Beatfarmer - Cosmic Playground (Psychoz Remix)

04. EMOG - 11.11

05. Stereo Serum & Antandra - Dark Turned To Dawn

06. Tara Putra - Pagoda Skies

07. Spiral Minded - Swampy Seance

08. TRD - Perceptual Decay

09. Jeremy's Aura - Something To Blog About

10. J.P. Illusion - Inspiration Dub

11. Naturelement - Walking in The Unknown

12. Daoine Sidhe - Cry For A Butterfly

13. Momentum - For Our Future


Whenever we look at anything in this world, we are certain that it is something separate from us that exists “out there”. But is that entirely accurate? When we look at a tree, what really is happening is that light first reflects off the tree and then travels to the surface of our eyes, finally ending in our brain. The light that we are looking at ... [more]


Released by Badgers Records

Mastering by Jeremy's Aura

Artwork by Marina Anauate



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