V.A. - Goa Meditation Vol. 2

V.A. - Goa Meditation

Genre: Psybient - Downtempo - Midtempo Goa

Release Date: 23.04.2018





Tracklist CD2


01. Ethereals - Muad'Dib

02. Trikselos - Mysterious Galaxy

03. Dreaming Cooper - Space Station

04. Unusual Cosmic Process & Psypheric - Croaton (U.C.P Remix)

05. Psychoz - Intergalactic (Remix)

06. Sky Technology - Green Rain

07. Katedra - Memories of the Future

08. Psychoz - Evergreen

09. Saki - Shanti Shaman

10. Sky Technology - Shamanic Dream (Tara Putra Remix)

11. France Gosoo - Paramatka


Timewarp Records has achieved inner enlightenment through the well-known practise of calming the body and mind to attain the healing Alpha Wave state generated during Meditation. With volume Two of this quintessential new series quite aptly titled 'Goa Meditation'. Label artist Sky Technology gathers his mystical forces to compile the next chapter. This deeply soothing mind body excursion features top PsyChill and Sloa Goa Midtempo compositions inspiring ... [more]


Compiled by Dmytro Kolosovskiy aka Sky Technology

Released by Timewarp Records

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