V.A. - Dub Mates Meeting

V.A. - Dub Mates Meeting

Genre: Dub - Psydub

Release Date: 29.06.2011







01. Delicious Insects - Water Drops On Engineer Suites

02. Psyolopher - Dubby Tubby

03. Maitre Soda - Massive Exode

04. Hello Mellow - Yggdrasil

05. Tara Putra - Dubland Mountains

06. Zoltan Sultan - Koran Remix

07. Leoboris - Intuition

08. Globular - Seeker

09. MentalImage - Dub From Depths Of The Universe

10. Fingerprint - Kingstoned

11. Paraz1t - Organ


Gliese 581C Proudly presents long waited compilation - Dub Mates Meeting. Fresh, variable, massive and tasty dub vibrations crafted with love become real after our brave dub mates meeting. Dig it!




Gliese 581C proudly presents Dub Mates Meeting, a fresh collection of massive and tasty dub vibrations crafted with love. Big bass drops and glistening atmospheric manipulations reverberate throughout this tasty free range release. Dig it!


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