V.A. - Chilam Impacts

V.A. - Chilam Impacts

Genre: Downtempo - Chillout - Psybient - PsyDub - PsyBass

Release Date: 26.06.2017







01. Darshan Atmosphere aka Tikki Masala - Transformation

02. Sapien - Still Awake

03. Psychoz - Prayer

04. Krusseldorf - Great Prayer (Spatialize Remix)

05. Blueforest - Endless Stairs

06. Naturelement - Even To Heaven

07. Tara Putra - Avatamsaka Dub

08. Cosmic Touch - Buddha Bass

09. Varda Sundown - Brujeria

10. Spectrum Vision - Foxy

11. Yechidah - Holographic Nature (Acid Eaters Remix)

12. Wolf Tech - Twine (Altera Project Remix)

13. Bioscape - Purification

14. Tron Sepia- Passe Par Trip

15. Spiral Minded - Happy Bubbles And Deep Currents


We deeply Thank and feel very proud for the Chillout Zone family that is being created here in Badgers Records. True artists that have pure love for music and art in general, sharing it with all of us! We also like to thank all of YOU badgers for your support and connection! You know who you are!


Production By JYRO / Compiled by Ю

Mastered by Jeremy's Aura

Art Work Design by Mirko Maksimovic

Released by Badgers Records

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