Release Date: 25.07.2016






01. Darshan atmosphere aka Tikki Masala - Avatar

02. Tara Putra - All the way down

03. Balancé - Gratitude

04. Chilled C'Quence - Cellular Cycle

05. Kaya Project - The Fortress

06. Zen Baboon - Keep Positive

07. 2JACK4U - Pharmakon

08. Sérgio Walgood - El Ser Humano

09. Noya Project - Around the Space

10. Tatsava - Glowing in the dark

11. OCO - Hongowo

12. Beat d Fender - Secret Molecules

13. Globular - Emergent Resurgence

14. Tor.Ma in Dub - Interestelar Roots

15. Kala Hari - Africa Boat Land

16. Pedra Branca - Sophia




Music unites people, brings us emotion, brings us feelings, makes us fly.

Check!n has prepared a compilation of great artists who agreed to participate in this fundraising campaign to support Check!n project.


All the money raised will be available to the project.


Thank you all for your contribution, we are very grateful.


The CHECK!N project’s main goal is to promote the health and safety of partygoers, namely the users of psychoactive substances.


CHECK!N builds info stands at parties (bars, discos, students parties) where partygoers can get information about psychoactive substances and sexual practices, condoms, ear plugs, snorting kits, breathalysers and drug checking tests. Simultaneously, this project also provides online information (website, blog, Facebook, email, etc.). In order to continue the outreach work, the project works alongside several community partners (universities, schools, youth associations, town halls, parish councils, etc.).


Small video to introduce you Check!n project


The team initiated its work in the metropolitan area of Porto, but then expanded its intervention to Viseu, Lisbon and several summer festivals in Portugal.


Released by CHECK!N Project


Genre: Psybient - Psydub - Dub - Electronic - Ambient

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