V.A. - Ancestral Vibrations

V.A. - Ancestral Vibrations

Genre: Tribal - Psybass - Psydub - Glitchhop - Psybient

Release Date: 13.12.2017







01. Anchor Hill - Doorways Of Mind Travel

02. Lo:Renzo - Cave

03. Globular - Tabula Rasa (Cosmic Touch Remix)

04. Music Simplified - Beats Beyond Matter

05. Taotempo - Low Tide

06. Cosmic Touch - Metaphysics

07. Psychoz - Agni Keli

08. Mushdub - Indian Vibe

09. False Identity - Through Echoes Of The Oceans Breath

10. Dubnotic & Abraxsophia - Spartacus

11. Cosmic Touch - Within The Infinite Depths

12. Emog - Planet TX2000

13. Tara Putra - Below Reality


The first compilation to be curated by COSMIC TOUCH for Visionary Shamanics Recs. Bringing together an immense talented line-up of psychedelic bass & chillout music artists. Each artist brings forth a work of art that carries a unique piece of the puzzle to unlock an ancient state of being. The time has come to re-align with the forgotten frequencies and experience the Ancestral Vibrations for yourself.


Compiled By: Cosmic Touch

Mastering: The Elder

Visionary Art: Martin Hawk

Released by: Visionary Shamanics Records

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