Gaggalacka: A Purple Playground

Gaggalacka: A Purple Playground

Genre: Darkpsy - Downtempo - Forest

Release Date: 01.02.2014







01. Nocti Luca - Plavala Guna

02. Xuranium - Spacer 8714

03. Lake & Twister - Creatures of the Sun

04. Caveman - Beyond my Consciousness

05. Kya - Hier nix Fasching

06. Paratox - Biorhythem

07. Atomental & Synthetik Chaos - Straight Gagga

08. Da Monks (Ashiana & Yogh & Psyquenz) - Crack in the Sky

09. Substan - They are here

10. ConUnDrum - Psychedelic Liberation

11. Rukh - Shut up and take my Money

12. Tara Putra - Amyg Dub Lala

13. Mantravine - Moey

14. Amino - Tears for You


As a thank you for a wonderful Gaggalacka festival at the end of last summer, here comes the next musical journey for you: A Purple Playground. It consists of eleven tracks bringing you the feeling of the festival sound from noon until night plus three marvelous downbeat tracks as a soft and emotional closing. Many of the involved artists have already played at previous Gaggalacka parties and some promising new names have been chosen for this compilation. Enjoy this journey and hope to see you all again when the next Gaggalacka calls from the 5th to the 7th of September, 2014. Compiled by

DJ Merry:) in cooperation with Purple Hexagon Records, mastered by Gelika (Insane Creatures), with artwork by Rukh.

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