Tara Putra vs Psychoz - Shanti

Tara Putra vs Psychoz - Shanti

Genre: Psybient - Psydub - Dub - Electronic - Ambient

Release Date: 17.06.2016







1. Tara Putra vs Psychoz - Paradise feat. Deyo Black

2. Tara Putra vs Psychoz - Happiness feat. Deyo Black

3. Tara Putra - Euro Bongs (Psychoz Remix)

4. Psychoz feat. Tara Putra - Point of View

5. Tara Putra vs Psychoz - Sigambri Curry

6. Psychoz feat. Tara Putra - Shanti

7. Tara Putra - Channel Dub Sumatra (Psychoz Remix)

8. Tara Putra vs Psychoz - Phazedub

9. Tara Putra - Subdubtion


Veteran producers Tara Putra and Psychoz team up for their first dubby adventure, Shanti. This collecton of nine downtempo and psy dub tracks is crafted with an eclectic mixture of smooth melodies and drum lines for maximum easy listening. Music for the head, heart, and soul proudly presented by Backflip Records. Artwork and mastering by Tara Putra.


Released by Backflip Records



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