Limitless One (Rupa)

Tara Putra - Limitless One (Rupa)

Genre: Ambient

Release Date: 22.12.2016







1. Phyit

2. Pathavi

3. Apo

4. Tejo

5. Vayo

6. Pyet


Tara Putra Is a German based musician who's produced several well received albums in the

psy/chillout genres. Beginning his musical Journey in the mid 90's . Tara Putra's sound fits very

well in the chill-out ambient and meditation spectrum of music. His forthcoming album is a true

work of art which derives directly from his heart. The music is relaxing and very soothing for the

mind body and soul. Tara Putra -Limitless One (Rupa) is a series of albums with its mission to heal through the various soundscapes field recordings and melodies the music has to offer.

Pure Medicine for the Soul...


Cover by Marcus Straczkowski

Photo by Paul Kwitek

Video by Szczepan Skibicki

Released by Existence Music

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