In Dubland

Tara Putra - In Dubland

Genre: Dub - Psydub

Release Date: 08.04.2012







01. Tara Putra - Affeninsel

02. Tara Putra - Channel Dub Sumatra

03. Tara Putra - Dubland Coastline

04. Tara Putra - A Dubbers Galore

05. Alpha & Omega - Freedom Fighters (Tara Putra Rmx)

06. Alpha & Omega - This Is My Prayer (Tara Putra Rmx)

07. Tara Putra - Interplanetary Dub Express (Album Mix)

08. Tara Putra - Dubland Mountains (Album Mix)

09. Tara Putra - Dubland Mountains (Fingerprint's No Cowbell Rmx)

10. Tara Putra - Dubland Mountains (Harmonic Frequency Rmx)

11. Tara Putra - Dubland Mountains (Tatsava Rmx)


This is Tara Putra's first full length dub release. Let's welcome the summer together, with pure good vibes and minds full of peace and spiritual creativity. Get ready for a passage in bass, shanti melodies and gently psychedelified effects. Join Gliese 581C's slide into the universe of dub and calm down. Including two remixes of tracks by famous Alpha & Omega. Last but not least brilliant remixes of 'Dubland Mountains' by Fingerprint, Harmonic Frequency and Tatsava.


Cover by Marcus Straczkowski

Remix mastering by Wrong Mantra

Released by Gliese 581C Records

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